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Guestbook for Ian 2 Year
Aunt Bethy & Uncle Ricky(non-registered)
INCREDIBLE! He is such a big man! I still can't decide who baby Ian favors the most--I think it depends on the expression. The one where is is on the floor half-smiling...wow...I see the onry in that one--couldn't be from the Hilgenbrinck side, could it? ha ha! Nathan & Erica--you done good! He is so B-E-A-utiful! We sure wish that we could see you all more--know that we love you and think of you often! Love you!
Aunt Linda Hilgenbrinck(non-registered)
OMG - what an incredible group of pictures of IAN CHAD!!! I can't believe what the little man he is...and he is absolutely beautiful. I SOooooo wish that Tammy and I could be there for his birthday celebration. I just sent his card in mail. As you can probably imagine...I love him in the Cardinal outfit. I may be placing an order soon for the photos we may want. I showed the set of pictures off to some of my office mates...they've never seen the array and type of display that Dana and Julie provide. So...they loved seeing all the options of photos. Thank you Nathan and Erica for the photos. Loved seeing Ian. Miss you all. Love you guys.
Tammy Beeler(non-registered)
Erica & Nate,
You have a very handsome young man. I can not believe how "grown up" he seems. I'm sure he's the light of your lives! What a joy. You two do GREAT work!!!!
Love, Tammy
Dana & Julie Herring
We had a ton of fun taking these pictures of Ian! A lot of his expressions are priceless! Maybe next time we can get more smiles out of him... If you'd like, please sign Ian's guestbook!
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